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Greeting cards.

Greeting cards.

Made from donated clothes.

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The hidden truth about donated clothes & the reason I started WOVIN

While working on my nonprofit in Africa I discovered private companies profit by selling donated clothes to the worlds poorest people. People making less than $2/day are forced to pay up to $7 for a piece of clothing you and I can buy for less than $1. Countless jobs & over $3 billion a year is drained from the world's poorest economies resulting in increased dependency on foreign aid.

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Buddha Card - 5"x7"
Buddha Card - 5 Buddha Card - 5 Buddha Card - 5

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Each card is unique

Each card is unique

No two cards are alike. Every WOVIN is special in its own way and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Freedom of expression

Our cards are blank inside and free of clutter so you have an open canvas to express yourself on any occasion.

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Freedom of expression
Because you care

Because you care

About our planet and people around the world. Help us end the harmful second-hand clothing trade.

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Celina H.
"No question, the best card I've ever received! "

– Celina H.

Zeena S.
"I love the simplicity and the quality is amazing! Once you WOVIN you won't go back."

– Zeena S.

Cristin R.
"Just got my WOVIN. This thing is awesome! Nice work!"

– Cristin R.

Andre N.
"Awesome concept, quality products and amazing idea! I love WOVIN and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this company."

– Andre N.

Anusheel B.
"I'm loving it! Can never go back to another kind. This is the future of cards."

– Anusheel B.

Paul L.
"Great product and great business concept. 10/10 would recommend to everyone!"

– Paul L.